Chlorine Alternatives

Chlorine Alternatives & Chemical Free Pool Cleaning Options

Chemical-Free Pool Cleaning

Nobody likes to swim in a pool that burns your eyes and turns them red from too much chlorine. That’s why we’ve been using chlorine alternatives since we first started our business. The chlorine alternatives that we use reduce the need for chemicals and salt systems in your pool. That’s good news for your wallet and for those who want to swim in a clean and comfortable pool.

Ask about the pool systems available from Pure Swim that use chlorine alternatives. Not only will you not have to listen to complaints about red eyes and burning, but you won’t have to waste time chlorinating your pool often. With chlorine alternatives, you’ll know your water is clean and free of harmful chemicals and algae.

Chlorine Alternatives San Marino CA

Want less harmful chemicals in your pool? Ask us about chlorine alternatives today!

The Best Alternatives to Chlorine

Pure water pools from Pure Swim are free of chemicals and salt water. We install a natural system that uses pure water that is ionized and oxygenated. This clean, safe system will make for a comfortable swim free of chlorine and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our chlorine alternative system is available for your in-ground or above-ground pool.

If you have questions about our chlorine alternatives and whether or not they’re right for your pool, give us a call at (661) 803-9919. We’d be happy to explain what we offer and how it can create a clean, chlorine-free experience you can enjoy without worrying about harmful chemicals or bacteria.

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