Pool Maintenance

High End Pool Maintenance

Providing Complete Pool Maintenance Care to Los Angeles, Santa Monica & San Marino, CA

If you own a pool, chances are you would rather spend your time splashing in the water than vacuuming it. Cleaning & maintaining your pool can be a huge hassle that can take hours of your free time every month; and considerably more if you don’t have the professional pool cleaning equipment a pool service company like Pure Swim has. If you get the occasional algae outbreak, you can count on adding even more time to your pool maintenance schedule getting the chemical balance just right, vacuuming the algae and debris and running the filter.

Our clients hire Pure Swim because they don’t want to have to worry about taking care of their pools – they just want to enjoy them. With Pure Swim, you can depend on two things: we will never miss a scheduled visit and your water will always be sparking clear. We don’t just provide pool maintenance – we offer the best in high-end pool maintenance. Our pool concierge professionals keep your pool water pristine so that you can enjoy your backyard oasis.

Pool Maintenance Los Angeles CA

Call the Professional Pool Experts at Pure Swim

Pure Swim has served Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Marino CA for over 23 years. We handle 2 million gallons of some of LA’s most beautiful residential pools every week. If you want to keep your beautiful, upscale pool sparkling clean and clear, call the seasoned professionals at Pure Swim today, at (661) 803-9919.

All-Inclusive, Total Pool Care

We completely maintain and clean your pool so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying it. We have pool maintenance and cleaning down to a science, allowing us to work quickly but efficiently, and saving you hours of time every month having to get your hands dirty.

Our pool maintenance service includes:

- Testing the water, and checking for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine & bromine (or chlorine alternatives)

- Remove debris

- Adding chemicals (as needed)

- Brushing tiles and pool walls

- Cleaning the netting

- Vacuuming the pool

- Cleaning the pump basket

- Cleaning the filter

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