Purification Systems

Purification Systems: Experience Pure Pool Water 

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Pure Swim can keep your swimming pool clean and well managed while maintaining the right chemical balance in the water. We use state-of-the-art purification systems that ionize and oxidize your pool’s water without the use of harmful and expensive chemicals. Our purification systems will purify your pool’s water and maintain a superior water quality. A lifetime warranty is available on all our purification systems.

Once we install your new purification system, it will work automatically to ionize your water, which will disinfect the entire pool while killing bacteria and algae. Unlike chlorine, ionized water does not cause any irritation to the human body. It’s a more natural way of keeping your pool clean and regulated.

Pool Maintenance Services San Marino CA

Have Pure Swim maintenance your pool for you so you don't have to!

Clean your pool with ease!

The advantages of a water purification system are that the program can be powered up automatically and that customers don’t need to waste their money buying chlorine, algaecides, or other chemicals for the pool. Our experts can set up a water purification system one time and the system will do all the work.

The easiest way to maintain a pool free of bacteria, algae, and harmful chemicals is with a purification system from Pure Swim. Choose us for your purification needs and thank us later as you enjoy a clean, comfortable swim. Contact us today to learn more about our purification systems.

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