Concierge Service

Concierge Pool Services & Maintenance

Enjoy Your Own Personal Pool Team!

The team of concierge service providers at Pure Swim can act as your own personal team assigned specifically to handle everything your swimming pool needs. While many pool owners might not know what they’re getting when they hire a pool cleaning service, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with Pure Swim. We can assign a team of professional pool care providers to specifically oversee your pool and all its maintenance.

Concierge service means that you’ll get pre-screened professionals assigned specifically for your pool cleaning needs. Our team can handle any needs your pool may have, including cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and chemical balancing. Our team members are available whenever you need them.

Pool Repair Santa Monica CA

Maintaining & Cleaning Pools across San Marino, Santa Monica & Los Angeles, CA

Enjoy the benefits of an expert team at your side

Pure Swim can handle all the pool maintenance you just don’t have time for. Why burden yourself with pool service tasks you can’t or don’t know how to handle when a pool expert can do them for you? That’s what the team at Pure Swim is here for.

We take your pool repair and maintenance needs seriously. We don’t just come out to skim your pool; we handle everything it needs so you and your friends and family can enjoy your pool each and every day. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you to take care of your indoor or outdoor pool.

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